About Us

Statement Jewelry for the statement woman.


Hello and welcome to our shop!! We offer Handmade statement jewelry inspired in exotic and elegant style. Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Rings made of genuine leather, semi-precious stones and brass findings.  Our tagline is “Statement Jewelry for the Statement Woman”, and we try to incorporate the following words in all of our designs: unique, beautiful, special, fancy, bold, exclusive, exotic. The woman who wears our jewelry will find these words apply to her and her style at any given time. And she can accessorize with our jewelry anytime she wants to feel bold and exotic in a sexy dress and killer heels; or if she just wants to feel beautiful and fancy in an all black look where our jewelry adds the only color. And because we only work with high grade chains guaranteed never to turn color, we limit our production, so our Statement Woman can also feel exclusive and unique in knowing there’s only a small handful of women in the entire world who owns a necklace similar to hers. We say “similar” instead of the same because every piece is handmade, so no two are exactly alike.


We are two bright eyed and smiley twin sisters at the helm of a fashion jewelry company quickly on the rise. Even as children, we both were drawn to creative and beautiful things, so it’s no surprise that when suffering from a jewelry wardrobing emergency many years ago, not ‘feeling’ any pieces from our jewelry box, we made our own pieces! We began idealizing and designing imaginative pieces, making jewelry for ourselves and close friends which eventually progressed into an innovative jewelry line called Chandra Jewelry.  

Designing jewelry is our passion and as a team we definitely make a strong impact to match that of our jewelry. Our jewelry collection is rich in inspiration and translating these inspirations into astonishing works of art has been an incredible experience for the both of us. Thanks so much for visiting our online boutique and we hope you enjoy the designs that we have created!